Our Mission

The Therapeutic Consulting Association (TCA) is a professional association for therapeutic placement consultants and other referring professionals, dedicated to advancing the field of therapeutic consulting through collaboration, training and education, outcome-based research, support of ethical standards, and an ongoing review of best practices.


The TCA is an organization built by and for therapeutic placement consultants, interventionists, and referring professionals.



The Therapeutic Consulting Association (TCA) is a 501c(6) non profit professional association dedicated to serving therapeutic placement consultants and referring professionals through collaboration, training, research, and guiding professional and ethical best practices.


Training and Education Through annual meetings, webinars, and online resources.

Collaboration Through TCA-Member consultation groups and the open exchange of resources

Research Through participation in the UNH/NATSAP Outcomes Study and other data-driven practices

Best-Practices and Ethical Guidelines Through defining standards and leadership of an open dialogue within the field of behavioral health