The TCA was created to serve the unique needs of Therapeutic Consultants and other Referring Professionals.

 Whether you’re a Referring Professional, a parent, or a program professional, please look over these FAQs.

Parent FAQs:

Can you refer me to a program?

The TCA is a professional association designed to support referring professionals, and as an organization the TCA does not make individual program recommendations or referrals. If you need help finding a program we recommend that you contact one of the referring professionals listed on the Find a Referring Professional Page.

Why should I work with a TCA Member?

Working with a TCA Member means that families can be confident that they are working with a trained professional who has made a commitment to professionalism and ethical best practices, who travels frequently to visit and evaluate potential placement options, and who is committed to both furthering research in the field of behavioral health and professional collaboration, all with the goal of providing families and clients with the best possible service. Securing the support of a TCA Member means that you can trust that you’re working with

What if I don’t see a Referring Professional in my area?

Many Referring Professionals work with clients and families from all over the country. These Referring Professionals travel extensively to visit and evaluate placement options, and often work with families remotely, or may even travel to your location.

Referring Professional FAQs:

What are the requirements for TCA Membership?

If you’re interested in joining the TCA, please check out our Membership Information Page. Membership is rolling, with applications being reviewed continuously. For any specific questions regarding membership please email us at tcamembershipcommittee@gmail.com.

Why does the TCA serve such a wide range of referring professionals?

The TCA is committed to providing association support to Therapeutic Referring Professionals. These professionals may refer to themselves as Educational Consultants, Therapeutic Consultants, Placement Consultants, Therapists, Psychologists or Interventionists, with each title denoting a professional’s individual focus, priority, or theoretical paradigm through which they approach their work. Regardless of the individual’s approach, the work of supporting families and clients navigate behavioral health treatment options provides commonalities By providing focused association support to Referring Professionals who work within the specialized niche of therapeutic placements, the TCA strives to advance the field.

What are the Collaboration Groups?

TCA Members are welcome to join a Collaboration Group. These small groups (generally 6 – 10 members, each), meet via phone monthly to provide support and collaboration in an open forum. Collaboration Groups may tackle ethical questions, review case studies, discuss trends in the field of behavioral health, or other topics of group interest. If you’re interested in learning more about Collaboration Groups, please contact us at AboutTCA@gmail.com

How does the TCA support Research?

For the latest update on Research, please look at our dedicated Research Page.

Program Professional FAQs:

I work with a program. Can I join the TCA?

The TCA is focused on supporting education, research, ethical best-practice, and collaboration for Referring Professionals. The TCA does not currently have a category for program membership.

Why does the TCA have non-referring professionals on the Board?

The TCA feels strongly that having a variety of voices on our Board improves the quality of our discussions and decisions, which increases the value we can provide to our members. This includes hearing from the “program perspective” from program professionals. These program professionals are not TCA Members, do not hold voting positions on the board, nor do they serve on the TCA Membership Committee. Program professional are always open to represent the voice of programs on Board discussions, and can be identified on the Board Page. Please don’t hesitate to contact Board Members directly with specific questions.

What can my program do to support research?

The TCA is committed to supporting research in the field of behavioral health. We encourage programs to join in the UNH/NATSAP Outcomes Study.

What do I do if I have a question about ethics?

The TCA encourages both Referring Professionals and Programs to familiarize themselves with The TCA Guidelines of Professional and Ethical Best Practice. If you have questions about these guidelines, or any other concerns, please contact the Board directly at AboutTCA@gmail.com.

Can the TCA provide a distribution list?

The TCA does not maintain a distribution list to pass along program information to Members, but programs are welcome to contact TCA Members directly. Member’s contact information can be found on the Find a Referring Professional Page.

Have a question that wasn’t addressed by these FAQs?

Please contact us directly at: AboutTCA@gmail.com