TCA Mission Vision Values

Vision Statement

Advancing therapeutic consulting through collaboration, education, research, and ethical standards.

Mission Statement

The Therapeutic Consulting Association (TCA) is a professional association for Therapeutic Consultants and other Referring Professionals, dedicated to advancing the field of therapeutic consulting through collaboration, training and education, outcome-based research, support of ethical standards, and an ongoing review of best practices.

Diversity Statement

The TCA acknowledges the implications of historical structural racism in the USA. As an organization, we are dedicated to deepening our learning and facilitating critical conversations about diversity, inclusion, and social justice as it relates to the mental health of our clients and the professional community. The TCA, along with our treatment partners, programs, and the broader treatment community, is committed to developing best practices for our work with BIPOC populations. Moving forward, TCA consultants are committed to including a consideration of an organization’s, or program’s, practices and ability to demonstrate cultural competency when evaluating placement recommendations.


Client Focused, Children and Families First




Life-Long Learning



Best-Practices Driven

Honest Reflection


Ethical Standards, Practices, and Accountability