TCA Membership

About the Membership

The TCA is a professional association (not a credentialing body) dedicated to serving Therapeutic Consultants and Referring Professionals through collaboration, training, research, and guiding professional and ethical best practices.

Membership in the TCA represents:

Professional commitment to the unique niche of therapeutic consulting/referring a commitment to the Ethics, Standards, and Best Practices outlined by the TCA

Participation in professional collaboration, training, and education

A commitment to supporting ongoing research to further the field of therapeutic consulting

A Few Comments Pertaining to Members

Members are expected to conduct themselves, and their practice, in accordance with the Ethics and Standards of the TCA. In return, membership with the TCA serves as a seal of quality and professionalism within the field of behavioral health.

Members are encouraged to use the TCA Logo on their website, their collateral, and in their email signature to distinguish themselves and identify their commitment to professional quality.

Participation in ongoing research is a vital role of TCA Membership, and all members are expected to keep current in providing data for the secure and anonymized research efforts of the TCA. As a benefit of TCA Membership referring professionals are provided access to the Research Partners Data Collection System.

The Process

Upon application, Members are asked to provide a breakdown of their average annual caseload percentages, by category. This information, along with the consultant’s name, email, website, and contact information, are displayed free of charge on the TCA website in a searchable database.

These categories are:


Child/Adolescent Therapeutic


Child/Adolescent Substance Abuse


Young Adult Therapeutic


Young Adult Substance Abuse


Traditional Boarding School


Non-Traditional Boarding School


Traditional Day School


Non-Traditional Day School


Adult Services


Non-Traditional Young Adult Services


Local Support Services

Benefits of Being a TCA Member


TCA Members will have voting rights on Open Votes within the Association.


Access to TCA-sponsored Webinars and Online Training Events, as available.


Access to a TCA Travel Partners calendar, to help match consultants and facilitate program visits.


Members are expected to be active in a TCA Consultation Group. These consultation groups meet virtually/electronically via monthly calls, and in-person when schedules align (such as at industry conferences). The purposes of the Consultation Groups are to provide ongoing support, feedback, training and information, and access to a network of high-quality professionals. Participation in a TCA training, meeting, or event may be used in lieu of a consultation group.

Full Members are required to participate in at least four Consultation Groups, annually, to maintain current membership status. Additionally, Full Members share, on a rotating basis, a commitment to engaging in a more regular collaborative/supervisory relationship with Associate Members seeking Full Membership.

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